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  • Habits

A Mac app to organize your time visually.

Create your own personal planner, with the layout and tools you need.

Download Pando Planner on the Mac app store.

One payment of $35

Get organized. Fast.

Quickly capture and organize everything you need to do.

Drag and drop your to-do’s to add them to your lists, prioritize and schedule them.

Keep your plans alive.

Notes and To-do’s can be assigned to a date, like Monday 12, but also to a week, month, quarter or year.

You can go from the micro to the macro easily and intuitively, allowing you to create long term plans, and have that information available in your day to day.

Make it your own.

In Pando you create Notebooks and add widgets to them.

Notebooks can have different tabs, each with it’s own layout and time frame (daily, weekly, etc.).

You’ll have enough flexibility to shape your own productivity system, without overwhelming you with complex choices.

No subscriptions.

Buy once, enjoy forever.

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Pando Planner

Organize your time visually

Download Pando Planner on the Mac App Store.


  • Offline first, no internet required.
  • Data backed up with iCloud.
  • Native & performant application.
  • To-do's management.
  • Time-bound notes.
  • Habit tracking.
  • Time tracking.

Not included

  • Sharing. This is a personal planner.